The Clone Wars Season 3 trailer from Celebration V!

When is he coming back?
Are there any plans for Cham to return next season?

Trying to find out more about Cham...
I'm rolling around some story ideas involving Cham Syndulla and don't want to contradict anything that's been said in the series or by the writers. Has anything been said about if he has family or anything that has happened in his past?

Star Wars: Clone Wars 'The Reluctant Hero' *Cham Syndulla Soundtrack*
Medium: Books/Movies/TV
Fandom: Star Wars: Clone Wars
Subject: Cham Syndulla
Title: The Reluctant Hero
Warnings: Some of the songs chosen do carry dark themes (and the occassional swear word) that might offend some. Proceed with caution.
Author's notes: My apologies if I've in any way portrayed Cham Syndulla or his freedom fighters inaccurately. So little is known of the Twi-Lek legend and what became of him. As such the commentary written below (in explanation of songs chosen) is just my personal speculations and should not be regarded as canon.

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A new character to add to my list of favorites!
I just saw the episode with Cham Syndulla when it repeated on the CN this morning. My, but he was attractive! I thought only the female Twi'leks were beautiful.:)

He deserves another episode this fall!

Cham Syndulla, start the revolution
34 icons of Cham Syndulla under the cut.

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Welcome to all Cham Syndulla fans!
Welcome to all fans of the wonderfully intriguing Cham Syndulla from Cartoon Network's Star Wars: The Clone Wars series!

The community is brand-new and it may take awhile to work the kinks out, but don't let that stop you from posting!


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